7 Oct

My Running Blog

Laura FountainMeet LazyGirlRunning.com’s Laura Fountain. Laura is a qualified run leader and reformed couch potato. From humble lazy blogger beginnings in 2008, she has gone on to run eight marathons as well as an ultra marathon and triathlon, and has her own podcast and two books published. runABC found out more about her blogging life …

How would you describe your blog? 
It has charted my journey from nervous beginner unable to run for much more than a minute at a time, to most recently completing an ultra marathon. Although I’ve come a long way in my running I still remember what it was like when I first started and I try to keep this, and the fact that many of my readers are beginners, in mind.
When did you start your blog?
I started nearly seven years ago when I started running. It was just an outlet for me to talk about this amazing new thing in my life because, back then, none of my friends or family ran and were getting fed up of me talking about it.
Why did you start taking blogging more seriously?
For a long time I didn’t tell anyone I kept the blog - even friends or family. Blogging wasn’t so popular back then and Twitter was in its infancy, the whole idea of sharing so much on the internet was a bit strange seven years ago. Once more people started finding it and leaving me comments; I thought I should probably stop being so self-indulgent and writing just for me and start thinking about the readers too.
Tell us about your new book: Tricurious
It’s part memoir, part how-to guide. It follows my story from clueless novice triathlete to taking on an iron-distance event. I wrote it with my friend Katie King. She’s mentored me through the whole triathlon thing and we wanted the book to offer that same sort of friendly practical advice. So between chapters about my experience, Katie offers some words of wisdom. We’ve tried to make it quite funny and entertaining, and we hope it reflects our ethos that triathlon is fun and something to be enjoyed. 
Do you have a weekly running routine?
At the moment I’m running five times a week. That’s usually made up of an interval session and a couple of runs to work during the week, and then a hill session and a long run at the weekend. I also lead two beginners’ running groups during the week and help out with the coaching at my club on a Tuesday evening.
Your favourite marathon?
That’s a really hard question, but I think maybe Snowdonia. The scenery is amazing and I ran with Katie, singing and eating most of the way.
Top tip for new runners?
Be kind to yourself, don’t compare yourself to anyone else and find some friends (or a running group) to do it with. And you don’t need half the kit you’re being told you need - just get out there and run.
Word of advice for new or aspiring bloggers? 
Have someone in mind when you’re writing - a friend, a family member or yourself a few years ago - and imagine you’re writing for them. It will help to focus your writing and your blog.
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