26 Mar

Early Bird Gets The Worm

Alarm Clock

I am a recent convert to the morning runs. It has not come out of choice, but out of necessity. And yet, I only wish I had done it sooner.

I am a proud dad of one-year-old twins and even in the very earliest days of fatherhood, it soon become obvious that my favoured early evening runs would no longer be quite as easy to fit in. I still get to head out once or twice a week at 6pm or 7pm. But to be fair to the wife, I can’t avoid the bedtime routine, the clean-up, the housework and preparation for the next day, not to mention our own evening meal.

So, to get in the necessary running, I have taken to going to bed a little earlier and rising for the morning run. It’s something I often tried pre-children, but never quite sustained despite the obvious benefits. What a wonderfully smug feeling it is when you do that morning run! Session done, in the bank, now to tackle the day ahead!

The thing is, although you may struggle and stumble out of your bed when the alarm goes at 5:30 or some other similar ungodly hour. But on completion of the early run, the extra zest is tangible. For me, it launches me into the day with gusto. Rather than battling bleary eyed with the children, I am energised and on it.

Ditto for work, I feel incredibly productive in the morning. I am brighter, breezier and brainier. Well, perhaps the last one is a little white lie. But I certainly feel that bit sharper. Who needs coffee? Sure, tiredness kicks in later in the day, but by ten I’ve achieved my work, family and running missions for the day. Job done.