20 Nov

Michael Hoping To Reign In Spain

Michael Nowicki

Edinburgh ultra runner, Michael Nowicki, will take on his toughest challenge yet next year as he looks to set a world record at the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain. Pilgrims usually spend 20 to 30 days covering the 480-mile route, but Michael aims to complete it in eight days (the current record is nine days and five hours).

To achieve his goal Michael has to put in hours of intensive distance training, including competing in a series of Scottish ultramarathons, to get his fitness to the point of running around 50 miles per day over eight consecutive days. As part of his gruelling training regime Michael, and some of his running friends, will be running both the West Highland Way and the Great Glen Way from 27 March to 30 March - that's 174 miles over four days.

Runners are welcome to join Michael for sections of his training runs or even to keep him company at any point along the way during his world record attempt. Those interested can get in touch via Facebook or Twitter.

Michael is particularly keen to raise funds for Emilie's Charities, he said: "As a parent, I love that Emilie's Charities supports kids who just don't have all the advantages my own son can take for granted here in Edinburgh; and they spread their support across such a variety of worthwhile projects some of which are quite small so just might not catch the attention of bigger charities."

To sponsor Michael and help fund projects through Emilie's Charities, go to his MyDonate page.


  1. Angela Barron said...

    Incredibly proud of my big pal Michael! If you can sponsor him or run with him some of the way that would be fab!