17 Dec

Men's 10K Back On!

Men's 10KThe Men's 10K has been saved from cancellation after GSi Events agreed to take over the race for 2015. The event had initially been called off for 2015 due to a lack of funding but will now take place for the 9th year.

Former organisers Sarah and Grace issued a statement: "We are really relieved to be able to announce that the Men’s 10k will be back in 2015. Unfortunately, we at MHFS didn’t secure the funding to be able to continue to deliver the event(s) but we are really thrilled that GSi Events - the team behind the Edinburgh Marathon Festival, jogscotland’s One Big Weekend and Kilomathon Scotland - will be taking over the event next year.

"We have talked to a number of different parties about continuing the Men’s 10K and Rascal Run and GSi were the ones who really seemed to understand our event’s ethos. We have given them as much information as we can in order to ensure they keep the look and feel of the event as close to the Men’s 10K you all love."

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  1. Iain Boyce said...

    Super news! Many thanks to the MHFS team for 9 excellent events since 2006 and sourcing GSi events to keep the Men's 10k going. Personally I can now look forward to completing a decade of Men's 10k's in 2015.