28 Jan

Men Thinking With Their Feet

Achilles Heel store front

Men's Health Forum Scotland 10k organiser Sarah McMillan is urging runners who will be taking part in the big men's summer event, and have started training towards the June 19 date, to 'think from the ground up'.

Sarah told scottishrunningguide.com: "Men of all levels of fitness take part in the Men's 10k. It can be tempting to throw on any old pair of trainers and get going but I would urge anyone preparing for a 10k to consider having an expert fitting service. We're all unique, no one size fits all and so it is with sports footwear. Many people who take up jogging complain about aches and pains and that's why having a professional fitting at the outset is time well spent.

"A gait analysis takes around 15 minutes and there are free fitting days at specialist running store Achilles Heel this Saturday January 29 and later, on March 13 and May 7. As an added bonus, anyone who has registered for the Men's 10k can take along proof of registration on any of the fitting days and receive 15% discount on Brooks running shoes."

Stefan Cappel manager of Achilles Heel in Glasgow's Great Western Road agrees with Sarah: "Gait analysis is the study of a person's running style. The filming of your foot and ankle movements whilst running will highlight any inefficiencies that could cause you an injury. Wearing the correct shoe for your specific running style will help increase efficiency of your running style and also reduce the risk of injury."

Stefan adds: "We have worked with Brooks for over 10 years now and their shoe fitting days work well in store as both ourselves and Brooks are committed to ensuring that our customers are given the right information about the right shoe at the correct time during their training plan. Achilles Heel has also provides a stand alone sports injury clinic which offers a range of services that include physiotherapy, chiropody, podiatry, sports massage, nutrition and acupuncture. Please call 0141 357 3888 for a full range of services available."

Achilles Heel is located at 593 Great Western Road, Glasgow, G12 8HX or you can visit the store website.

To register for the Men's 10k visit the event website or call 0141 550 7577.