15 May

Mark Wins Desert Battle

Mark Allison

Yesterday (Sunday, May 15) was the 15th of a scheduled 100 day run across the United States that will see Briton Mark Allison cover 3,100 miles on a coast-to-coast journey. Highlights of week 2 were running through the dramatic Mojave desert, leaving California and crossing into Nevada, a night at a 'swanky' hotel in Las Vegas, and jogging along the 'Strip' in America's gambling capital.

The indominable Geordie has been providing entertaining and insightful progress reports on his blog where he shares the loneliness of being so far from wife Katy and son Jack, and his gratitude at the contribution of his support team, including driver Richard whose skills include conjuring up fabulous meals and treating 'heavy duty' blisters.

After a solid first 7 days, the challenge of week 2 was to get out of the other side of the Mojave Desert and into Las Vegas with not too much of a mileage deficit and in decent shape with minimum physical damage.

Mark reported that: "Running in this heat - mid 30s celcius / 90s fahrenheit - means that I constantly have to drink fluids. I'm going through about 1.5 litres of water per hour with a Nuun tablet added.

Despite this Mark has been pleased with how things have worked out: "Progress has been good with me settling into a nice daily routine. I seem to start the days very slowly with a great tiredness hanging over me. After the first session of the day I have been having a sleep for a few hours. Following the sleep, however, I feel like a new person. It really shows in the quality of my running."

A massage in Las Vegas and the gift of a foam roller for self massage treatment plus cling-film like material to assist in strapping ice packs to his legs gave Mark a boost, as did the prospect of the arrival of sports therapist Kirsty Reid to join the support team.

By the time Mark runs into New York City in mid-August he hopes to have raised £50,000 for St Benedict's Hospice and the Children's Foundation. His total is currently at £32,000 - £2,000 added this week. You can support Marks' efforts at the justgiving pages for St Benedict's Hospice and The Children's Foundation.


  1. Paul Rogan said...

    Totally understand how he felt running through the Mojave, I ran through in August 2007 on my way across the USA, and I was only running 10-13 mile a day. The real challenge is yet to start with the canyons and the 100% humidity of Mississippi and Kansas. Great job Mark! how can we follow Marks progess?
  2. Carl Hudson said...

    You can follow Mark at www.Rungeordierun.com. He puts regular updates there and is also on Facebook and twitter @Rungeordierun