10 Dec

Marcothon 10 Down 21 To Go

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Marcothon runners across Scotland will be pleased that the Week of Storms has passed and also hoping that the next three weeks provide less dramatic weather. Participants in southern parts of the UK and around the world have enjoyed more favourable conditions but online reports suggest that the vast majority of the 700 plus runners who signed up for the 31 day challenge (running every day in December - a minimum of 3 miles/25 minutes) are still on target.

Many Day 10 Marcothoners completed their statutory 3 mile/25 minute runs at parkruns across the UK including Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Newcastle. There were even Marcothon miles posted on the Falkirk parkrun course despite the event being cancelled because a fallen tree had blocked the route.

Rumours of a day off after Day 10 circulated for a few hours but were squashed by Marcothon high command who also dealt firmly with one participant who ran for less than the required 25 minutes visited a sports centre and then completed his miles on the way home. His run was allowed to stand but a severe penalty was imposed!

One Marcothoner was moved to verse after his run today:
On the tenth day of Marcothon, my wee run gave to me
Ten tattered toenails,
Nine Knotty niggles
... Ate gels for breakfast
Seven speedy splits
Six sweaty simmits
Four snowy snotters,
Three muddy miles,
Two bleeding nips
and a pain just above my left knee.......

While another Marcothoner recorded on video his run in 100mph winds. Check out the footage on YouTube. Check out all the latest Marcothon chat at the event Facebook page.


  1. Helen Munro said...

    the Marcothoner who was moved to verse John Munro was going to stop writing at day 12 but his fellow mental marcothoners urged him to carry on until all 31 days had been completed. The full verse can be seen on the Marcothon 2011 wall/page on facebook. To all my fellow nutters - Congratulations on a fantastic achievement and to the SRG team well done on your fund raising!