14 Mar

Major Milestone For Debbie

The 2018 Tokyo Marathon represented a major milestone for Balloch fitness instructor Debbie Savage. The 41-year-old joined the elite list of runners to have completed the six world marathon majors. 

According to 2017 figures only 1740 people in the world have managed to complete all six races – Berlin, Boston, Chicago, London, New York and Tokyo.

“The idea is quite new,” explained Debbie. “There were already five major marathons in the world which were London, Berlin, New York, Boston and Chicago but Tokyo was then added.

“I had already completed each of the other five so had to run Tokyo to get my medal. On the day I ran with a badge on the back of my vest which said I was going for my six star medal.”

Debbie ran in Tokyo on 24 February with friends Jan Fellows and Becky Beale who all train together at Helensburgh Running Club and she admits despite her love for fitness she didn’t always have a love for running.

“Everyone has to start somewhere, when I started I was not particularly a runner, I ran a 10k when I was about 24 and at the end of it I was exhausted but I wanted to do more,” Debbie added.

“I then went on to do the Glasgow Half Marathon. I competed the Edinburgh marathon in 2003 and then wanted to do London. It just kind of went from there, I think I’ve done over 25 marathons now across the world and I love travelling.

“I’ve done Paris and Venice and even the ones in Scotland like Loch Ness and Lochaber are great. Every one you do you learn something new. They have all been great, I love long distance running.”

You can read our report from the 2018 Tokyo Marathon here.



  1. Dave Morton said...

    Brilliant Debbie! Well done! :-D
    I am in Berlin this year for my 1st... gotta start somewhere ;-)

  2. runABC Scotland said...

    Good luck. It would be great to hear more about your Berlin adventure