2 Aug

Lunchtime's For Running With The Garmin 4miler

Garmin Forerunner® 110

Satellite navigation company, Garmin, has teamed up with retailer Sweatshop and London free press title City AM to create the Lunchtime #4miler, a new campaign that will offer offices everywhere the chance to boost productivity and ensure that the UK workforce is getting its work-life balance straight.

Workers around the country are being encouraged to reclaim their lunch hours; break free from their desks, plan a four mile loop to run in their lunch break and measure how far and how fast they run with their Garmin GPS sportswatches.

Chris Merrell, UK Marketing Communications Manager at Garmin said: "With working days feeling like they're getting longer and time constraints from home life and other commitments taking up more of your evenings; finding time to stay in shape is becoming more of a challenge. The #4miler helps to make the most of the one guaranteed hour of the day that's your own."

He continues: "We think it's great when employers can make provisions for employees to have flexibility in their lunch hour and shower facilities to enable hygienic working conditions, because it often results in improved productivity and motivation in those tougher post-lunch hours."

Setting up a lunchtime #4miler takes just 4 easy steps - create a free account - plan your 4 mile route - run it - upload to the office Garmin Connect account ready to share with & challenge your colleagues.

Find out more, sign up your office and let the challenge begin.