29 Apr

Lucie Shoe Horns In New Marathon Record

Lucie Barney dressed as a shoe

Despite the fact that the men's and women's course records remained in tact at last week's Virgin London marathon, there were still a slew of new 'bests' - 22 in total - including 27 year old Londoner Lucie Barney's time of 4:40:56secs dressed as a shoe.

The military were well to the fore with ex-Royal Marine, Roscoe Nash, knocking an hour off the existing Guinness world record for the fastest marathon carrying an 80lb pack, finishing in 5:58:58; meanwhile in the 40lb category ex-paratrooper, Mike Ellicock, set a new record - 3:25:21. The 37 year old, from East Sussex, raised more than £20,000 for the Parachute Regiment Charity in the process.

David Ross, holder of a number of marathon records, achieved a new best for the fastest marathon dressed in a wetsuit (3:25:00). While football-mad Alan Simeoni took the Guinness World Records title for fastest dribbling a football. The 34 year old completed the course in 5:10:46.

Of all the fantastic fancy dress outfits in competition, special mention must go to Bruce Moore who in full gorilla dress (including plastic mask) completed the 26.2mile course in 3:31:36secs achieving the Guinness title for the fastest marathon dressed in full body animal costume.

One of the quirkiest Guinness World Records titles attempted was by Susie Hewer who broke her own record for the longest scarf knitted whilst running a marathon. Completing the marathon in a time of 5:5:23, she managed to knit a scarf over two meters in length (2.05m). Susie's ran in support of Alzheimer's Research UK and in memory of her late mother who suffered from vascular dementia.


  1. Pippa said...

    Surely that should be "Lucie Is A Shoe-in For New Marathon Record"?

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