18 Aug

ERN Releasing A New LP

LP RunOne of the more unusual events in the racing calendar – Edinburgh Running Network’s LP Run – returns to the capital’s Meadowbank Stadium on Sunday (21 August). The event involves running as many revolutions per minute (laps) of the stadium’s race track as you can during thirty three and a third minutes, all while listening to music.

The run is based on the oldest race in Houston, Texas, now in its 48th year. Entrants are responsible for counting their own laps but there will be independent verification of the front runners and prizes for the top male and female finishers, as well as spot prizes. Participants also have the option of choosing a song to get played while running.

In addition to the race, there will be a cake competition with entries being judged during the race. Prizes will be awarded for the best cake and runners will be rewarded for their efforts with tea, coffee and, of course, cake.

For more information, visit the Edinburgh Running Network website.