27 Mar

Lovers On The Run


Falling whilst running isn’t generally considered a pleasant experience and usually puts a dampener on the rest of your day, but in Owain Williams’ case it was the start of a blossoming relationship. The 32-year-old didn’t fall in the literal sense though, he fell in love.

Owain of Edinburgh was on a lunchtime run across the Meadows in 2009 with a friend when he was introduced to his now wife, Mandy, who was also out for a run. The couple have used running to help them get in shape. Owain once weighed close to 19 stones but is now a trim 13 stone. Mandy has gone from 15 stone 6lb to 10 stone 6lb. To stay motivated, Owain has signed up for all four of jogscotland’s One Big Weekend races – in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth and Aberdeen. 35-year-old Mandy will take part in the Edinburgh race and drive Owain to the other events.

Owain spoke about first meeting Mandy: “We got chatting and both had an interest in running and getting fit. We both understood what it takes to go from being heavy to how we are now. We both know that if you believe you can lose weight then there’s actually nothing that can stop you.

“Running has completely changed my life and there’s no chance I’d have met my wife without it. I was grumpy and miserable as sin when I was overweight. I had bad asthma as well. Now I’m fit the asthma has almost gone. I want to show that anything is possible.  I think jogscotland is brilliant. They’re all about inspiring people to get out there and enjoy being fit.”

Entries are open now for the jogscotland One Big Weekend races on 2 and 3 August and 3 2014 in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth and Aberdeen. The races are designed to give runners from more than 500 jogscotland running clubs across the country a chance to meet up. But the timed 5K runs are also open to non jogscotland members and anyone aged 11 or above.

Entries cost £14.78 for jogscotland members and £16.78 for non jogscotland members. To enter go to the jogscotland One Big Weekend website.


  1. Owain said...

    Thanks for publishing this! I'm really looking forward to the One Big Weekend event.