27 Sep

Now Tatt's An Achievement

Angie Mackenzie

Over 8,200 competitors will line up for the biggest mass participation sporting event in the north of Scotland this weekend  - the Baxters Loch Ness Marathon and Festival of Running. Circling the famous loch, the marathon follows arguably the most scenic route in the country and is considered by many as one of the most picturesque road races in the world.

Around 43% of all runners taking part in the marathon will travel from outwith Scotland in order to experience the stunning Highland countryside for themselves, with 56 nationalities due to be represented on the day.

Some runners celebrate completing a particularly difficult route with an energy bar, or maybe even a well-earned pint in the pub, but one Angus runner loved the 2012 Loch Ness Marathon so much that she decided to indulge in a more permanent celebration ... a tattoo.

LNM TattooForfar’s Angie Mackenzie, 48, who is running in her third Loch Ness Marathon on Sunday, had the event logo tattooed onto her hip after battling through one of the most difficult runs of her life. Despite facing an injury that would send most runners to the finish line in the back of a first aid vehicle, Angie persevered and wanted to commemorate the occasion in a unique way.

She says, “I was so proud of myself as I had only been running for just over a year. When I started I couldn’t even imagine running a 10K, let alone a marathon. I loved the medal design so decided to get it tattooed on my hip as a fitting tribute to my mother-in-law, whose memory I was running the race in, and a perfect reminder of my achievement.”

For more information, visit the Loch Ness Marathon website.