14 Jun

Lloyd Scott Sacked

Lloyd Scott as Brian the Snail

High profile charity fundraiser Lloyd Scott who crawled the 2011 London marathon dressed as Magic Roundabout character Brian, has been sacked. Scott hoped to raise at least £100,000 for Action for Kids but the charity said it received only about £20,000.

The charity said losses were incurred as a result of providing publicity and support but Mr Scott claimed he was unable to raise as much as he had hoped because of the poor financial climate.

'He was given notice according to his contract with us, due to losses incurred in his latest marathon, explained Action For Kids founder Sally Bishop.

'Whilst Lloyd's involvement in the marathon significantly raised our profile it did not result in any increased funding, and in fact, cost the charity several thousand pounds. Our priority is always to our donors, and the children and families we support. So it is with regret we had to take this decision.'

Lloyd Scott, who had previously taken 5 days to complete the 2002 London Marathon in a deep sea diving suit, spend 27 days dressed as Brian the snail, suffering nosebleeds and vomiting as he crawled the course at the pace of a mile a day. He hopes to continue fundraising for Action for Kids.