23 Apr

Liz McColgan Behind World Record Attempt

Liz McColgan

Scottish runner Liz McColgan has signed up to take part in RelayGB - the world record attempt for the most back-to-back marathons in May - and needs at least 30 more Scots to join her. Organised from May 4 to May 25, Relay GB will see runners attempt to cover the length and breadth of the UK over the course of 21 consecutive days.

Consisting of 14 stages, each with approximately 10 marathon legs, the course starts at Buckingham Palace, heads towards the coast and then moves clockwise, covering all of the UK. The current record stands at 1,923 miles, set by the Gillette Phenomenal Tour held in Romania in 2009.

For each leg, there will be a maximum of six runners and a minimum of two. Each participant will be required to complete a marathon leg, with runners being able to demonstrate they can cover the distance in less than 4 hours. If participants feel they cannot complete it in this time, they can enter as part of a team and split the 26.2 miles into sections.

Liz, who has won Olympic and Commonwealth medals for distance running, will run the 26 miles between Arbroath and St Andrews, passing through Dundee and crossing the Tay on May 16 before handing over to the next set of runners.

Event director, John Stanford, commented: "We've got 310 runners signed up so far and there's still time to join the team. So visit RelayGB today and sign up for this exciting event!"

For more information on how to sign up, visit the RelayGB website.