20 Aug

Lindsay Lohan To Run LA Marathon

Lindsay Lohan

Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan is preparing to run in next year's LA marathon after a chance encounter with US runner Shannon Rowbury. 27-year-old Lohan has been receiving training advice from the two-time Olympian as she looks to recover from her addiction problems.

Lindsay first met Shannon while shopping at the Nike store in San Francisco and since then Rowbury has been helping Lindsay build her fitness. The 28-year-old has devised a running routine for Lindsay as well as choosing a GPS watch for her.

Rowbury, who last week came seventh in the Women's 5,000m final at the World Athletics Championships, spoke about the routine: "I told her to do intervals by running fast/slow even if she's running on treadmill or in the street."

If Lindsay completes the distance she'll join an exclusive group of celebrities which includes Katie Holmes, Will Ferrel, and George W Bush. For those considering joining the actress at the race, Sports Tours International will be offering places at next year's event. Visit their website for more details. For more about Californian running in general, check out the Holiday Runner feature in the autumn edition of SCOTTISH RUNNING GUIDE.