26 Oct

Light Up At Illuminator

Runners will light up the night on Saturday (28 October) at one of Scotland’s toughest night runs – the Illuminator Run. Participants will be directed only by the glow of their head torch across the spectacular route. 

This is a great chance to see natural beauty of Glen Tanar’s ancient Scots pine forest in a spectacular new light.

The clocks will go back an hour in the small hours of Sunday morning and those taking part in the Illluminator will be keen to take advantage of the opportunity of an extra hour of sleep.

Race hard, jog or walk the route – the average finishing time for runners is 2.5 hours and 6 hours for walkers. The course is clearly way-marked and there will be a hot drinks station with stunning light effects at the halfway point. Everyone taking part will need to be ready for a challenge that requires stamina, some aerobic fitness and lots of mental determination.

At the finish, hot coffee and tea await - well deserved after tackling 15 miles of trails and tracks through the dark Scottish forest. The rescue team will also be at the event to provide additional safety support to all participants.

Entry for the Illuminator Run is still available and further information can be found on the event page.