7 Apr

Launch For Bellahouston Running Artwork

Jackie's creation

The artist in residence at the House for an Art Lover in Bellahouston Park has been working on a commissioned piece inspired by running groups in the area, due to launch on April 17, 4-6pm.

Jackie Donachie's 'Speedwork' piece depicts a steel railing running up through the trees on the hillside, influenced by the many running groups who use Bellahouston Park and surrounding areas to train. Being a member of the Running Network in the Park, Jackie is part of the increasing number of groups using the grounds. This inspired her to create the commissioned work for the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art 2010.

'Speedwork' will be launched on Saturday April 17 on the hillside behind the Palace of Art. Jackie is looking for runners to give her their favourite 'hill music', tracks, which help them to tackle tough hills. Suggested tracks will be played at the launch event to add to the atmosphere. Suggestions should be sent here.

The launch is open to everyone, with runners welcome to attend and even train in the grounds around the artwork , as the launch is taking place and the 'hill music' is playing.

For more information on the work Jackie is doing and the launch itself, please visit the speedwork website.