25 Sep

Katie Hall takes the long way home

Headshot of Katie Hall in hills

Katie Hall is running home at the weekend. And although she's an experienced ultra runner Katie has quite a challenge on her hands. Her run home is from Inverness... to Glasgow!

Katie's Long Run Home is a 175 mile challenge which is scheduled to be solo, unsupported and over five days. This means Katie will be running ultra-distances every day for five days, carrying everything she needs on her back.

The planned route follows two of Scotland’s famous long-distance trails, the Great Glen Way and the West Highland Way and the challenge involves wild camping each night.

Katie's Long Run starts on Saturday (28 September) and although she's understandably nervous about what's ahead of her, she's in great spirits and inspired by the cause she's supporting via the Challenge and the incredible backing she's already received.

Katie told runABC Scotland online: "In September 2015, my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. A routine NHS screening had revealed a lump that was too small to be detected by touch, and which turned out to be an aggressive and fast-growing tumour. Every family’s worst nightmare.

"Mum was quickly and expertly treated by the NHS and consultants, with a lumpectomy in October, followed by six weeks of radiotherapy at the Beatson, over Christmas and into January.

"She has been in remission for 4 years."

During this period, Ayrshire Cancer Support provided invaluable care and understanding to Katie's family. They provided volunteer drivers who drove Katie's mum (and others) to treatment sessions and back again and also offered therapy sessions."

Katie remembers: "Ayrshire Cancer Support were there every step of the way even just for a cuppa and a sympathetic ear. I cannot thank them enough for what they did for my mum and continue to do for many others."

Now Katie wants to go some way to repaying the support and kindness her family received during that difficult time in 2015 and 2016. Over 200 people have responded to Katie's appeal and almost £4,500 has been raised towards the target of £5,000.

Katie's massive challenge has caught the imagination of family, friends and the broader Scottish running community who have responded magnificently.

Ahead of her epic journey which starts in three day's time Katie told runABC Scotland: "I've enjoyed the preparation for my five day odyssey but it's still a daunting prospect.There's certain to be testing times ahead but the backing of all my supporters will get me there."

You can support Katie's Long Run Home via her Facebook fundraising page.