2 Jul

Join The Indoor WaterCrew Craze

A Watercrew Class

A new fitness craze is hitting the UK, giving a whole new type of fitness class to gym-goers in Britain. 'WaterCrew' is an indoor group rowing programme, based on the popular 'spinning' format. The concept was designed by seasoned rowers, with the aim of bringing the engagement of real rowing, indoors.

The classes are set to music and put participants through different exercises with a focus on timing, and the performing of various drills, including long and short strokes, changing speed and using side rows to work your abs. The classes are instructor lead, however, as rowing is a totally self-paced exercise, each participant can sustain an intensity to suit their level of fitness. Developers claim that 84% of the body's muscles are used in the workout.

The classes have a real team feel, with the instructor keeping check on rowers' body position and technique as well as each class member trying to keep on the same timing rhythm as the others.

WaterCrew is still quite a new concept, with classes only in America, Germany and two locations in London; Trinity Health Club, Marlebone and The Fitness Cafe, St John's Wood. Runners who would like to add this new cross training class to their schedule, don't despair, there are plans are in place to roll out the classes nationwide. For more information, visit the Watercrew website.