22 Sep

Double Heart Attack Survivor Tackles Subway 5K

John McCabeA man who’s survived two heart attacks will run the Subway Helping Hearts Family 5K in Edinburgh’s Holyrood Park on Sunday (25 September) to raise heart-health awareness. Since his health problems, 44-year-old John McCabe from Livingston has dramatically changed his lifestyle and started training for a number of endurance events.

John said: "After my heart attack I was given tablets and everything seemed fine, but a year and a half later the chest pains returned and I ended up being in hospital having a stent operation. They discovered that my blood is very thick and they believe this has caused the problems."

John was generally fit through his roofing job, which means he has to 'run up and down ladders'. He stopped smoking after his health scares.

"It just shows my heart is quite strong," said John. "It could have ended up being a lot more serious, but I decided I was not just going to sit around and wait for something else to happen and I am going to enjoy these running events."

Inspired by the Subway menu, the giant inflatable course has been designed to appeal to kids and adults as they make their way to the finish line. For those out for a fast time, or feeling less adventurous, there's still the choice of the traditional route because ultimately however you make it, every 5k counts!

As well as lots of free, fun activities on the day, everyone who takes part will also receive a free T-Shirt, a free Subway lunch, a finisher's medal and access to the Family Village. Children under 12 go free and it's then just £7 per person for the rest of the family when they register online. There will also be a limited number of places available for families to come along and register on the day - £9 for adults, under-12s go free.

For more information and to register, visit the event website.