18 Jan

jogscotland Membership Surges

jogscotlandA record 365 people have signed up to join jogscotland since the beginning of 2016. The surge in membership is a regular occurrence in January thanks to the number of of New Year’s resolutions being made.

Head of jogscotland Billy Mitchell is delighted with the news: “It’s fantastic to see so many new members joining jogscotland this year. We’re already hearing from people who have taken part in their first ever jog session and come away buzzing with excitement as they realise they can achieve something they thought was going to be difficult or daunting.

“There’s no time like the present – if you’ve ever thought that you might like to jog one day, why not take the first step and join us now? Before you know it, you’ll be healthier and happier - not just for 2016, but for life.”

jogscotland has more than 500 groups across the country, catering for all abilities including complete beginners. Those who have never run before start together, building up at a pace that suits them, with the guidance of a qualified Jog Leader. jogscotland states that: “Nobody is too slow for jogscotland and nobody gets left behind.”

For more information visit the jogscotland website.