16 May

Jog Scotty Goes Nessie Hunting

Jog Scotty

Jog Scotty, The Co-operative Junior jogscotland programme mascot, will be heading up to Inverness next Thursday to bark at and chase after any monsters that make an appearance and to catch up with his fellow jogscotties during a visit to Central Primary School. The popular school has a very successful Junior jogscotland group, that has sessions after school every Monday, with around 20 children regularly taking part.

The Co-operative Junior jogscotland programme uses fun and accessible running based games to encourage all children to get active. The programme has been designed for use in schools and youth groups, with simpledirections to organise a 30 - 45 min jogging session. The games have been designed with the 7 - 11 age groups in mind, but can be easily adapted for different age groups and abilities.

Earlier in the day, Jog Scotty will visit The Co-operative's Telford Street store to encourage staff and customers to take part in The Co-operative jogscotland 5k challenge around Bught Park on Wednesday, 17 June at 7pm.

Jog Scotty said: "The children of Central Primary School are training hard and getting fitter by the day. Now all we need is for their mums and dads to follow their lead and take part in this summer's 5k challenge."