17 Jul

jogscotland releases more 2019 jog leader course dates

If you’ve been helped on your running journey by a jogscotland group, now’s your chance to ‘give back’ by training as a jog leader yourself.
You don’t need to be super-fit to become a jog leader – some of the best leaders are people who were recently beginners themselves and so have real empathy with others who are just starting to get active. 
According to jogscotland, the best qualities a jog leader can possess are to be ‘enthusiastic, approachable and encouraging to others’.
Their fun and inspiring course is all runners need to become a jog leader and set up their own group, or help at an existing group.
The one-day course includes both classroom and practical sessions. Once they have passed the course, new jog leaders will be able to:
  • Set up their own jogging group using the jogscotland name;
  • Have their group advertised on the jogscotland Group Finder;
  • Have their sessions covered by jogscotland insurance;
  • Contact jogscotland HQ any time for help and advice;
  • Access the jogscotland jog leader group on Facebook to receive advice, support and friendship from other leaders;
  • Access useful online resources.
Intending jog leaders must already be members of jogscotland. Joining is free and can be done online.
The dates of the new courses are as follows:
  •   Motherwell: 31 August 2019  
  •   Grangemouth: 7 September 2019 
  •   Aberdeen: 14 September 2019 
  •   Dalkeith: 6 October 2019
  •   Dundee: 19 October 2019 
  •   Inverness: 2 November 2019 
  •   Glasgow: 16 November 2019 
  •   Livingston: 14 December 2019 
  •   Perth: 15 December 2019
If you can’t see any courses near you, please contact coaching coordinator Alison Grey, as scottishathletics aims to arrange courses wherever there is sufficient demand.
Queries about courses or availability should be directed to coaching@scottishathletics.org.uk.


  1. Susie Gunning said...

    Hi I have been a member of cairngorm runners for the last few years and have benefited from this. I would not mind to give something back n be a jog leader but am not that fast so maybe more suited to be beginners class or a tail runner