19 Apr

Jenni From The Blocks

Jenni Falconer

Now a regular face at the race, television presenter Jenni Falconer will be running in Virgin London marathon for the fourth time on Sunday. She spoke to our sister publication London Running News about her thoughts prior to the event.

With half a million people expected to line the streets of London, Jenni daid that the encouragement really helps: "The crowd support is hugely beneficial - I think it's the humiliation of people seeing you in such pain, so red and sweaty that urges you to keep going! The crowd boost is at its best as you run through the City and past Fleet St towards the last few miles of the race, just when all you want to do is sit down and have a rest!"

Proving she's no slacker, Jenni's pre-race ritual will involve something most other participants' won't - work! "This year I will be going straight from Heart, where I work on air from 6-8am. So effectively, I will be coming from work to the start-line. Must make sure I don't drink too much tea while I'm on air!"

Like many of the 35,000 competitors, Jenni will be running for charity. She spoke about what that meant to her: "London marathon is the biggest fund-raising event in the world and the amount of people who benefit from participants is incredible. I will be thinking about all the children at The Children's Trust - children who will never be able to run a marathon, children who will have limited opportunities for the duration of their lives. By running for them, I hope to play even a small part in trying to make life a bit better for them."

No stranger to modelling, Jenni will be hoping for a photo finish as she crosses the line: "I try and take my mind off the last mile by planning my 'cross the line' pose! Last year I think I almost threw up but the time before I raised my arms in a kind of heroic achievement pose - trying to recreate 'Chariots of Fire'! Overall though you do feel a huge sense of pride and achievement."

You can read more about Jenni's thoughts on the race in London Running News available at the Sports Tours International stand at the race expo. If you would like to donate to The Children's Trust, visit Jenni's Virgin Money Giving Page.

Another Scot taking part is Michael Nowicki who is hoping he can give others an insight into the experience by recording parts of the race then uploading them to YouTube. He said: "I'm filming it because I want to show folk what it's like inside the London marathon. I've run the London marathon five times. This time I'm not running for charity but in memory of the people in Boston."

Michael revealed he will have the added challenge of completing the race in a kilt: "One of my friends runs ultra marathons in kilts, so I thought I'd give it a go. I've not trained in the kilt but I do realise it will slow me down slightly, but not much as it's an activity kilt. I'm really looking forward to the race, it's a great event!"