17 Feb

It Takes Two, Baby!

Relay runners

The Edinburgh Marathon Festival Team Relay has long been a favourite of those looking to experience the thrill of Edinburgh Marathon without having to run the full 26.2 miles. Having previously only been available to teams of four, this year the race will feature a new two-person option.

Known affectionately as the Hairy Haggis Team Relay, the race will take place on Sunday 25 May at 10am, with the relay event split into four legs:

Leg 1: The Royal Leg - 8.3 miles

Leg 2: The Cock & Pan Leg - 5.5 miles

Leg 3: The Gosford Leg - 8 miles

Leg 4: The Glory Leg - 4.4 miles

The two person team will take on two Hairy Haggis legs each with the first runner completing legs one and two and the second runner, legs three and four.

For more information, visit the EMF website.