16 Apr

Hit The Wall With New Ultra

Hadrian's Wall

Built almost 2000 years ago by the Emperor Hadrian, Hadrian's Wall was originally a military fortification and today stands as a UNESCO World Heritage site and a popular tourist attraction. On June 23 and 24, it is set to become the backdrop for Rat Race Adventure Sport's new ultra distance event entitled The Wall.

The race will see participants traversing the frontier of the Roman Empire near to the route of the Wall itself, against a backdrop of Cumbrian and Northumberland landscapes. The 69 mile route starts at Carlisle Castle and finishes at Gateshead Millennium Bridge, featuring both city and countryside over a mixed-terrain route.

It can be attempted either as a two-day challenge - Challenger category - with an overnight camp in the central section of the Hadrian's Wall corridor next to the famous Roman fort of Vindolanda, or in a continuous attempt - 'Expert' category. It is open to solo participants or as a self-supported relay team of two, three or four.

The fully way-marked course, with many marshalling locations and full safety cover provided, starts at sea level and rises to an altitude of 1000ft Before gradually descending to sea level again. As the only organised ultra at this World Heritage site, participants will experience special access with certain sections of the route.

Jim Mee, Managing Director of Rat Race, feels The Wall will stand to be an iconic ultra in the UK: "This will be an ultra-distance running journey like no other in Europe and is capable of becoming an instant classic. Participants will be running the frontier of the Roman Empire - which in itself sounds dramatic. Hadrian's Wall country is very distinctive and provides a superb canvas for this adventure."

For more information about the event, visit the event website.


  1. _andy said...

    There is one key difference about this Ultra compared to other ultras you'll find on the calendar. The entry fee of £150 for solo runners is quite outrageous - quadruple the typical entry fee of similar events. Apart from making a tidy profit, you have to ask yourself why such a greedy fee is being charged for this. Instant classic? Only for those with deep pockets and a lack of an events calendar.