5 Jun

History In The Making

Eglinton parkrun will witness a UK first on 17 June when James Trott becomes the first ever participant to take part in the event in a Joelette, an all-terrain one-wheeled chair. The team at JAPES will support James for his memorable experience. 

JAPES (Joelette & People Experiences) helps those living with mobility challenges to experience the thrill, excitement and camaraderie of taking part in mass running events. Following their launch in Scotland at the Great Scottish Run last year, JAPES is planning a number of events for 2017 – recently completing their first marathon at the inaugural Stirling Marathon.

James volunteers as a marshal at his local parkrun on a weekly basis and now finally will have the chance to make his way round Eglinton Country Park’s mixture of tarmac and trail paths.

Airdrie schoolteacher, Nelson Liddle founded JAPES after he witnessed a group of runners helping a young boy participate in Rome Marathon in a Joelette.

"This will be the first time ever in the UK that a Joelette has been used at a parkrun event – it’s an exciting thing to be part of and we are all very proud of our efforts.” Nelson explained.

“James volunteers week in, week out at Eglinton parkrun as a marshal and it’s fantastic that he’ll be able to take part in the run now too.

"I do a lot of the coordination work for JAPES, but every runner that volunteers is making somebody’s life very special – this will be a day that James will remember for a very long time.”

Further information on JAPES can be found on their website and Facebook page