21 Apr

Running Reaping Rewards

A series of free running events in Glasgow focusing on helping people tackling alcohol and drug addiction will continue on 17 June at McPhun’s Park, Glasgow Green. Everyone participating in the Recovery Runners 5K will receive a medal, marking a significant achievement in what are difficult times in the lives of many of those involved.

Event organiser, John Milligan, believes that running offers a fantastic opportunity for people to overcome their difficulties and three years after the first Recovery Runners event, the events continue to achieve successful results.

“While we welcome all runners, our focus is on non-runners and those looking to get involved in running as a recovery tool,” he explained. “We have three or four meetings weekly across Glasgow and the project has been very successful, for some of those attending these training sessions and then going on to achieve a medal is their first achievement after what they maybe consider to be a series of failures.

“There is a small group of around 20 regulars who have attended from the start, I obviously wouldn’t say that running is or has been their only tool in recovery but those who have bought into the idea have experienced an upward trajectory – many of those who take part have been used to major setback, but running has aided their mentality and helped them develop a determination not to give up when things are tough.

“The events are free to enter and attract good turnouts, we also have a 10k in September which attracts a lot of runners looking to take part in a timed 10K event at no charge.”

Further information on Recovery Runners can be found on Facebook and Twitter