23 Aug

He's Behind You!

The start of the UK backward running championship

The UK's first backward running championship took place this weekend, as runners took to Heaton Park in Manchester to complete the mile-long course, backwards. Just 35 runners entered the race, but the benefits of running backwards are spreading across the country, in a sport that may become a new UK craze.

Irishman Garret Docherty, current world men's 3,000m backwards running champion, came first in the race with a time of 6 minutes 30 seconds. Rachel Butterworth won the women's prize.

Backward running is a growing sport across the world, with athletes realising the benefits it can provide to their normal training schedules. Reverserunning.com claims that one lap of backward running is comparable to 8 laps of forward running in terms of effort and effects.

Other benefits of backward running include the sport being better for your knees, helps runners to lose weight more quickly, improving leg speed and improving posture. Also, as it uses different muscles to those used when running forwards, it can complement your training really well, helping to improve your strength.

Check out reverserunning.com for more information and keep watching scottishrunningguide.com for updates on any 'backward mile' running events taking place near you.

Photograph credit Harry Shakeshaft