30 Apr

Hairy Haggis Turns Cannibal?

Macsween and Hairy HaggisEdinburgh Marathon Festival mascot, Mr Hairy Haggis, visited the Macsween Haggis production kitchen last week to celebrate Macsween becoming a corporate running partner of the event. Fortunately, his wee sonsie face survived the trip, as Macsween also excels with a vegetarian haggis range. 

Unlike his usual surroundings of running around the Scottish Highlands, Hairy was in attendance as Macsween rolled out Corporate Running to support employees taking part in a number of the UK’s top running events, including the Edinburgh Marathon Festival (EMF). 
Macsween employees will be taking part in the Hairy Haggis Team Relay on Sunday 31 May this year. The EMF Hairy Haggis Team Relay is an opportunity for a team of four runners to take part in the Edinburgh Marathon Festival. The 26.2 miles are split into four legs, each runner will run one leg - the difficulty is deciding who gets the glory leg!
King of the haggis empire, James Macsween, will be rising to the challenge as one of the Team Relay captains: “This is a great way for our team to get into shape in a fun and team building way, they are quite a competitive bunch so it should be an interesting day! Supporting our staff’s health and wellbeing is high on our agenda, so entering our staff into the Edinburgh Marathon Festival was the perfect fit.”
Although slightly concerned at the start of the day, Hairy thoroughly enjoyed his time at Macsween’s Head Office: “We love partnering with Scotland’s award winning vegetarian haggis producer. It was fantastic to meet the team and hear how their training is getting on. I have high hopes for this one, and look forward to seeing them at the finish line on the 31 May”
For more information on EMF visit the event website