13 May

Great Scottish Run Lets You Decide

One of the Great Scottish Run t-shirt designs

The Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run is letting competitors vote on the design of the official 2010 Great Scottish Run T-shirt. Online fans of the run are now able to vote and leave comments about each of the three designs until the closing date on May 21.

Competitors can vote on the Great Scottish Run Facebook page, by 'liking' the page and leaving a comment under the t-shirt designs posting. So far, there have been 94 comments and organisers are taking note of all views and opinions, in a bid to make this year's t-shirt the best ever.

The routes for the races on September 5 are currently being finalised and should be available to view soon. Organisers are warning competitors about the steep hilly start, but believe it is worth it as the route will still take runners over the kingston bridge and around some stunning parts of Glasgow.