16 Jun

Great Run Local Comes To Scotland

Tradeston BridgeA new free, weekly running event, The Great Run Local, arrives in Scotland today (17 June). The Glasgow event’s aim is to increase participation in running,  catering to all abilities, but with particular emphasis on those new to the activity. 

The run starts in Glasgow at 6:30pm next to Tradeston Bridge, also known as the Squiggly Bridge, from the Atlantic Quay’s Broomielaw. Entrants can walk, jog or run a 2k or 5k route which will be held every Wednesday.
The objectives of Great Run Local are:
  1. To provide a regular running opportunity for runners of all abilities and ages
  2. To provide a safe, welcoming event for beginners and non-runners
  3. To provide a local opportunity for anyone wanting to improve their fitness with others
  4. To encourage participation in other running and sporting events
Organisers of the Glasgow run say: “The 2k distance is a great starting point and ideal for children. It runs alongside the 5k, so friends and family of all abilities can take part together. All events will be timed, so participants can track their progress each week. Those taking part are asked to wear their wristband at all times to ensure their run is timed. They will then receive their times by text, with each run counting towards an ‘achievement badge’.
Those looking to start an event in their local area or becoming a volunteer can email info@greatrunlocal.org. For more information, go to the event website


  1. Michelle Brown said...

    So.....parkrun then, just by another name.

  2. Wayne Barlow said...

    But on a Wednesday night, which means I should be able to squeeze a few in and not in a park!.

  3. Stephen Morrison said...

    Parkrun is brilliant. Great Run Local differs in that we use wristbands that provide an immediate time. We also offer distances of both 2K and 5K and specifically target novices.

    In my opinion, we need more free and inclusive events and both Great Run Local and Parkrun can live side by side. Many of our runners and volunteers do both.

  4. Iain Boyce said...

    Great comments Stephen! I agree with all that you said.