12 Aug

Gone With The Wind

Windfarm RunnerLooking for an event that blows all the others away? The Speyside Windfarm Challenge – returning for its fourth year on 13 September – could be the answer.

The annual event, run amongst the majestic turbines of Pauls Hill Windfarm in Speyside, features three individual runs, each suiting different abilities. The main challenge is a gruelling 12-mile run, encompassing a total climb of 1400ft. 
Event organiser, Rob Montgomerie, spoke about what competitors can expect: “I’m an ex Royal Marine Commando, and I still find this one hell of a challenge!” 
If that all sounds a bit daunting, don’t panic! Rob assures entrants the alternative 9-mile run has been designed with less experienced runners in mind, and the 1-mile run is ideal for kids.
The post-race hospitality is rich reward for participants' efforts, as Rob explains: “No matter which challenge you’ve run, you’ll get a warm Speyside welcome, with homebakes, tea & medals!” 
The event also has strong community support, with all proceeds going to sports facilities for children and the local area. For more information and to enter, visit the event website.