14 Dec

Golden Opportunity For Scottish Athletes

Steve Cram

Olympian Steve Cram has backed Scots athletics chiefs as they look to encourage more people to take up the sport. Cram believes now is the perfect time for people to get involved, with the bounce factor from the London Olympics and the prospect of the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

scottishathletics say around 2000 children in Scotland have become involved in athletics since the Olympic games and athletics clubs across the country have had a rise in numbers. Cram also backed scottishathletics' Club Together programme which looks to find new athletes and provide a new approach to the role, support and importance of running clubs.

The 52-year-old, who took gold in the 1500 and 800m events at the 1986 Commonwealth games in Edinburgh, said: "I guess we will only find out a few years down the line if 2012 has been the year that really kick-started athletics again in Britain. What we can say is there is a fantastic opportunity for athletics. The talent is out there on every street corner. If kids since the Olympics have been saying 'I am interested in athletics, etc' then we have to react.

"There's no reason why Scotland should not have had more athletes at the Olympics. You will find them and the Commonwealth Games will help in that. The Games in Glasgow will do brilliantly. I've seen plenty of Scottish sport over the years and know how passionate the people are for it."