21 Aug

Glen Coe Set For Skyrunning Event

Rickey Gates and Tom OwensExcitement is building for what’s been described as ‘one of the most anticipated races in the UK’. Salomon Glen Coe Skyline takes place tomorrow (Saturday 22 August) as one of six races in the 2015 Skyrunning UK calendar.

Shane Ohly from Ourea events says: “'We are not creating another mass participation fell or trail running event, but rather a world class Skyrunning course for experienced and competent participants. The Glen Coe Skyline is a fusion of mountain running and alpinism where competitors need to be skilled at both disciplines to negotiate the course.”
The race features an experienced field with over 170 competitors tackling the mountainous course. The UK may lack the altitude of the Alps or Dolomites but it has mountains, routes and scrambles to test the most experienced competitor.
One standout participant from the field is Emelie Forsberg – current Skyrunning World and European Champion for the ultra distance. She commented: “I love the mountains and I love technical courses. This Salomon Glen Coe Skyline route looks amazing and a challenge. Ridge running and scrambling; I can’t wait!”
Ian Corless from Skyrunning UK said ahead of the race: “The mountains provide a wonderful natural playground and none more so than those in and around Glen Coe, the 2015 edition of the Salomon Glen Coe Skyline is going to be a spectacle like no other race that has taken place within the UK. We are fully aware that this race is not for everyone.
“However, just like the top European races we want to invite people to come and join us for the weekend. We want a party, a celebration of running and in the process Ourea Events has in place opportunities to go into the mountains with guides and experience the race as spectators but in a safe way. This is going to be very special!”
For more information, visit the Glen Coe Skyline website.
Image features Salomon athletes Rickey Gates and Tom Owens running in Glencoe and is courtesy of © The Africa Attachment