15 Sep

Glasgow Man Tackles Transcontinental Challenge

Don Lennox

Glasgow born Don Lennox is a quarter of the way through his 3,100-mile world record attempt at running across the United States of America. The Transcontinental Challenge, which began on Saturday, September 3, will see Don pass through a total of 12 states within the current record of 46 days, a distance that translates to over 66.2 miles per day.

The Scotsman has just passed through Jackson, California, as he travels eastward towards New York. This stateside journey is the second leg of an attempt to break two of the most gruelling endurance records. In 2010, Don was part of the Transatlantic rowing team that knocked 11-days off a 115-year record when they travelled from New York to the Scilly Isles, a total distance of 3,246 miles.

A combination of high temperatures throughout the Western states, crippling blisters caused from carrying a 60lb backpack, and difficulties in the initial part of the journey means Don, a former engineer from Bellshill, has been concentrating on picking up mileage in cooler climates as he travels east.

In the most recent update to his blog, the athlete remained in an upbeat and confident mood, commenting, "Not one muscle in my body is sore and my mindset is very positive." On his journey so far, he continued, "I've been meeting some wonderful people and having a ball. So far I have met with nothing but great support and generosity from the American public."

To break the world record, Don aims to complete the journey in 45 days, an average of two and a half marathons per day. The completion of this second leg will be a world's first, making Don the only person to have rowed an ocean and run across a continent. Don's attempt follows Mark Allison's recent Run Geordie Run challenge, which saw Allison complete the 3,100-mile journey in 100 days.

Don's Transcontinental Challenge is raising money for both Help for Heroes and the Wounded Warrior Project. You can lend your support by donating to his justgiving page and follow Don's progress as he aims to be the first man to have rowed across the Atlantic and the U.S.A at his blog.


  1. John Wallace III said...

    Great article but a few inaccuracies. Don was going to try and break the fastest crossing record but is now focusing on raising money for his charities. He is less than 10% finished at around 200+ miles with quite a few challenging sections to go. Don will be the 3rd person to row+run the US. The first two were: Rune Larsson completed an Atlantic E to W (double) in ’01-’02 and ran across the US in 2004. Alex Bellini completed a solo row across the Atlantic E-W (solo) in ’05-06 and Pacific E-W (solo) in ’08. He just finished the LA-NY Footrace. Best of luck to Don as he continues his journey!