3 Jun

Your Chance To Be A Champion In Commonwealth Year!

GB Relay

With this summer’s Commonwealth Games attracting elite athletes to Scotland in the hope of setting new records, recreational runners are being given the chance to set a world record of their own by taking part in the Great British Relay. Although the run is near capacity there is still a chance for Scottish runners to join in.

The Great British Relay is an attempt by grass roots runners all over mainland Britain to set a new world record for the longest ever continuous running relay.

It started in Scarborough, North Yorkshire on 1 June and is travelling through Scotland from 2 to 11 June. Scotland is by far the biggest region with over 160 stages, yet it already has 142 teams ready to take part. The runners come from a variety of backgrounds; there are club runners, parkrunners and runners from the recent Coasters Relay (with the famous Barry the Baton) and the RelayGB marathon relay of 2012.

Many participants are running for good causes. One such participant is Karen Robinson who is raising money for Neil Brownlie, the Arniston Rangers’ assistant coach who died suddenly from a heart attack. The Arniston Community Club now plan to buy a defibrillator machine in honour of their coach who died aged just 49.

Accompanying the run around Scotland in a camper van is Banchory Running Club secretary, Jack Honey. Instead of holidaying in the sun he has committed to support The Great British Relay through the tricky Highland stages. He and his van have been nicknamed the 'Scottish Expeditionary Force' and he’ll be taking his family along for company.

There are some stages left in the latter stages of the Scottish route. They are free of charge and you can sign up at the Great British Relay website where you can also track the GBR baton. Why not sign up and be part of history?


  1. Wendy said...

    A few of us did a stage yesterday evening - sooooo exciting to be part of a world record attempt. It's amazing to think of all the people involved to get this to happen

  2. Kate Boothby said...

    I am doing a leg in Wales in a couple of weeks' time but it's thanks to the Scottish contingent that this amazing undertaking will go ahead and, by the looks of things, on schedule – Scotland has some amazingly fast and resourceful runners and support crews. I would urge anyone interested in doing a leg in Scotland to sign up now while you still have the chance.