18 Jul

Freya’s 13 Tips For 13 Miles

Freya Ross

Ahead of the inaugural Scottish Half Marathon on 6 September, Scottish distance runner, Freya Ross, has given participants her top tips for running the 13.1-miles. The 30-year-old, who represented Scotland in the 2010 Commonwealth Games, has ruled herself out of Glasgow 2014 due to a hip injury.

Ross said: “If you’re going along to watch and support the British athletes at the Commonwealth Games in the next couple of weeks and feel inspired by them, then the Scottish Half Marathon is the perfect next challenge for you.

“It’s a fast and flat route with some stunning scenery to throw in the mix too! Running along the John Muir Way, the Golf Coast and finishing at Musselburgh Racecourse will be a brilliant buzz for runner. And this route has PB potential written all over it!”

Freya Ross’ 13 top tips to run 13 miles:

  1. Challenge a friend or family member, or split the distance and do the race as a team - The Duo Challenge would be perfect for this.
  2. Use it as a stepping stone to running a marathon, or a step up from a 10km
  3. Follow a training plan, there are some on the website that can be followed, or use one of them as a starting point to plan your own.
  4. Mix up where you run so you're not doing the same route all the time.
  5. Get good trainers, and wear them for training, don't save them for race day.
  6. Don't put off your training runs, if possible train first thing in the morning or as soon as you get in from work, lay your kit out so you see it as a reminder.
  7. If your usual training is going for a steady pace run try doing some interval training (alternate fast and slow running).
  8. Train with someone, even if it's only for some of your training.
  9. Use your training runs to commute to work, I used to run to and from work on a regular basis.
  10. Get everything you'll need on race day ready the night before so you're not rushing on the morning of the race. Get to the start area in plenty time so you're not stressed out about being late. The Scottish Half starts at 11am so perfect timing.
  11. Don't do anything new on race day, for example eat what you would as if you were going for a training run, and make sure you are comfortable with the trainers you plan to wear.
  12. Remember if you train well, you could establish the course record for this brand new race!
  13. Enjoy it! Make a day trip of it and see some of the sights properly after the race.

Entries close on 6 August. To register, visit the Scottish Half Marathon website.