28 May

Free Places For First Timers

Bupa Great Run 5k

Thousands of first time runners are being offered free race places by Bupa as part of its quest to inspire more people in the UK to be physically active. There are 2,000 free race places being offered across the Bupa Great Run 5K events, which includes the Great Edinburgh 5K (14 July), the Great North 5K (14 September) and the Great South 5K (26 October).

The race places are being targeted specifically at first time runners of all abilities who have never previously taken part in a Bupa Great Run series event, to help prompt them to get and stay active. Regular runners are also being encouraged to sign-up friends and family members as a way of kick-starting their training.

Paula Franklin, Bupa medical director, said: "Running can have a very positive effect on both your physical and emotional health. We really want to encourage as many people as possible to try running, as lots of people experience great joy and reward from it. A 5k event can be a great place to start and has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. There is no pressure to run and those who prefer can walk some or the entire race."

Individuals can apply for a free race place by visiting the event website and submitting their personal details, with the winners being selected at random by Bupa.