1 Apr

Four Better Than Two

four-legged running

Organisers of the UK's first four-legged running competition are delighted with the level of entries they have received since the event launched in January. The inaugural event has been created on the back of the success of other types of adventure racing in recent years. Race organisers Four Better Than Two told scottishrunningguide.com: "We look set to reach our limit of 500 participants before race day at the Meadows in Edinburgh on Sunday, May 15."

This new form of racing will see runners tackle 5k and 10k distances on all fours. A specially constructed harness will be worn by the runners to ensure competitors cannot gain an advantage by reverting to two-footed racing.

Plans for the event were put in place after studies suggested that four-legged running provided serious aerobic and strength benefits for those taking part.

A spokesperson for Four Better Than Two said: "We're looking to add a sense of fun to our first event on May 15, and have plans to place treats, such as energy bars and jelly babies, on the route for competitors."

Already there are reports that a number of leading running brands are working on both hand guards and knee protectors, the key equipment in four-legged racing. They hope to adapt the technologies used in shoe manufacture - including customised cushioning and flex-grooves - to make four-legged running a better experience. s


  1. Alex said...

    I assume this is a spoof, though it doesn't strike me as a wildly insane idea - using both hands and feet to cover the distance is basically a bit like rock climbing on the flat. I think if someone did it for real, they should have no trouble getting 500 people to give it a go. And then next year they can do it as a canicross event with the dogs forced to run on their hind legs only.