5 Mar

Get Five Times Fitter With 5x50

5x50The annual 5x50 Challenge returns on 29 March and is five times easier to take part in this year. The fitness challenge has created five different ways to complete 50 days of keep-fit activities and aims to see thousands more people worldwide pledging to become fitter from March 29 to May 17.

5x50 co-founder Kelly Mason says: “With five different 5x50 platforms we hope to see even more people benefit from being more active in 2015.”

Launched in 2012, the 5x50 Challenge called on people to do 5k or 30 minutes of exercise every day for 50 consecutive days. Now in its fourth year, the challenge will have a total of five access points to achieve the 50-day goal.

Challengers can choose one of the five platforms to complete their 50 days, including:

  • The movers: Individual/team/school complete 5k distance by walking, jogging, running, cycling, rowing etc for 50 days
  • The added extras: Individual/team/school complete minimum 30 minutes of activity/exercise including the above with addition of yoga, weight training, exercise class etc for 50 days
  • The pairs: Two people split the challenge to cover 5k for 50 days between them, so each person does 25 days.
  • The teams: Five people cover 1km per day for 50 days by walking, jogging, running, cycling, rowing, swimming etc.
  • The builders: Individuals build from five minutes of activity to 50 minutes of activity by the end of the 50-day challenge.

In 2015, the 5x50 Challenge will raise funds for five charity partners. These are Macmillan Cancer Support, SAMH, Guide Dogs, Chest, Heart and Stroke (Scotland) and Children 1st. Year on year, 5×50 has attracted new challengers and to date more than 15,000 people have taken part and charities have benefited by an excess of £210,000.
The Challenge is backed by the Chief Medical Officers for Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales and has the support of organisations as well as famous names, including former 10,000m world champion and Olympic athlete Liz McColgan, ultra-runner Dr Andrew Murray, pentathlete Mhairi Spence, Scottish Minister for Sport Shona Robison and TV presenter Jenni Falconer.

To sign up to the challenge, visit the 5x50 website. You can also stay up-to-date on Facebook and Twitter .