27 Nov

Five Down, Two To Go

Dr Murray during his Scotland to Sahara challenge last year.

Dr Andrew Murray has completed five of the seven runs for his Run the World Challenge which sees him take on seven ultra marathons on seven continents in one week. After winning and setting a new course record last week at his warm up race - the Ice Marathon in Antarctica - he then completed a 50k run on the continent two days later.

Posting on Facebook afterwards, he said: "Run The World is underway. Started at 14:06 GMT on the 23rd Nov. Antarctic leg done and dusted. Amazing views, massive skies and a bit of wind."

The 32-year-old then took an ice jet to the Chilean capital of Santiago, where he was met by far warmer, but no less challenging, conditions. He tweeted: "Day 2, continent 2, done. 31.4 miles, in Santiago. Mileage similar to the temperature. Scorchio! Next stop USA."

The North American leg saw Dr Murray complete around 50 km in Atlanta, Georgia despite being severely sleep deprived. He was given time to catch up on his sleep as his flight to London was delayed, setting his schedule back considerably. After taking in landmarks such as Big Ben and Buckingham Palace in the capital, he admitted that his efforts were starting to take their toll on his body, describing it as 'wrecked'.

He posted on Facebook: "Absolutely smashed. Everything hurts and struggling to stay awake. 6 hrs sleep so far. Struggling to eat but finished at the pyramids this am having done a couple legs yesterday and only a short gap till Dubai."

After Dubai, Dr Murray will fly to Australia for his final run in Sydney. You can follow his progress on his website or on Twitter and Facebook.