29 Mar

Finola's Blindfold Run To Help Fund New Joëlette For Japes

Finola Ashe with blindfold

Japes supporter Finola Ashe is planning a blindfold run to raise funds for the charity launched by Nelson Liddle in 2016 which allows differently-abled individuals to experience participation in organised running events.

Finola's challenge is at Pollok parkrun on Saturday 7 April and she is hoping that local runners will back her vocally during the run and also by contributing to the Japes appeal to fund a new Joëlette, the customised vehicle used for the supported participant.

Finola said: "I got involved last year with Japes, which is all about giving folk that, for whatever reason, are unable to participate in events the chance to to do so. The things that Japes has achieved is astonishing and I can't describe the joy it gives to people who have a go.

"Now Japes wants to replace its current Joëlette (customised wheelchair) which is one-wheeled and not the most comfortable. And that it the motivation behind my guided blindfold run at Pollok."

Japes has already raised over £4,500 via Just Giving's crowdfunding facility towards the purchase of a two-wheeled Joëlette Twin model which will be a more comfortable experience for pilots, since it offers greater stability and will remove the need for a manual lift. Finola is hoping that her blindfold run will generate the extra funds to add accessories to improve safety and comfort for Joëlette users.

More information about the Japes crowdfunding appeal is available at the Just Giving website.