26 Jun

Fauja Goes For World Record

photo of fauja singh

Edinburgh Marathon regular Fauja Singh, the man who completed his first marathon aged 89, has declared his intention to become the oldest marathon runner ever. Fauja, the face of Adidas for their 'Impossible is Nothing' campaign, is a popular figure at the big May event in Edinburgh where he runs in the Hairy Haggis Relay race with his 'Sikhs in the City' team. The other team members are mere striplings of 79,79 and 80.

The remarkable Fauja is hoping to overtake the current record holder a Greek who completed the classic 26.2 mile distance at age 98. He has targeted next year's London Marathon and then a return in 2011 to run when he is 100 years old. Fauja has now completed 7 marathons - 5 Londons as well as races in New York and Toronto.