2 Jun

EMF Race Director Says We Got It Wrong

Edinburgh Marathon Festival logo

Neil Kilgour, race director of Edinburgh Marathon Festival (EMF), has admitted that the decision to withhold finishers' times for the feature marathon and the other event races was a mistake. He said in an official statement: "We have listened and we got it wrong."

The EMF boss continued: "We would like to thank runners for all feedback and for telling us what is important to you. We value our runners and we now know that only publishing their results within their My Details account was the wrong decision.

"We thought that this was the runner’s preference to receive results exclusively, however we have been listening to your feedback and now understand and accept that this is not appropriate for you.

"We have asked people to choose and you have in your thousands. As such, from now on all results will be fully available on the event website after each race. Full and final results will continue to be submitted to relevant parties for the purposes of verification of entries to other races and for ranking systems.

"We apologise for the inconvenience and stress that this has caused any runner who has been waiting to use results to update their rankings or enter other events. Thank you for bearing with us while we sorted this out, we hope that we now have this right for this year and future years. We can assure you that we will continue to listen to feedback that our runners give us.

"Thank you again to our amazing runners, please keep giving us your opinions and comments as they really do help us deliver the events you want."

Full Edinburgh Marathon Festival race results are now available via scottishrunningguide.com's Race Listing service.


  1. Joe Brown said...

    So GSI gave in to runners demands whoopee. It should never have been an issue. They were completly wrong and shouldn't need to have been told by runners. The feelings amongst runners I speak with is still very strong and many will not support any GSI events including EMF. Very disappointed having put u with terrible organisation for the last four years running the marathon twice and the half twice I won't be back supporting my local race.