26 May

Dumfries Gives Coasters Some Scottish Spirit

Barry dons a tartan ribbon for his Scottish adventure

Runners from Dumfries Running Club joined in the Coasters GB British Coastal Relay and helped Barry the Baton continue his journey around the UK. Members completed stretches around the coast from Glencaple to Palnackie, in a move away from their more traditional training.

Coasters GB is a British Coastal Relay bid which began on May 9 in Blackpool, heading in a clockwise direction around Britain's coastal paths and roads. The route has been split into sections, with different runners or groups of runners taking Barry the Baton from place to place.

Reaching Gretna in just 8 days, Barry continued in his quest around the country. Two members of the Dumfries Running Club organised the legs in the area, Vicky Hart and Dawn McDonald. Coasters GB relies on local individuals who know the area, to work out where the best and safest coastal paths will lead.

Members of Dumfries Running Club hand over Barry the Baton for the next leg

Vicky was due to run the Glencaple to Dumfries section, however injury prevented her from taking part. Luckily, 18 runners from Dumfries Running Club decided to help out in her place.

Accompanied by a couple from Lancashire, they ran the 6 miles up the coast to Dumfries. Dawn took Barry the Baton for a tough 16 mile stretch from Southerness to Palnackie, picking up the Baton from Mike Taylor, who had run from Dumfries.

The relay is currently in the stretch heading towards Lochranza on the Isle of Arran before crossing the water to continue his adventure in the western isles of Scotland. Runners can still sign up for legs of the journey by visiting the Coasters GB website, with many stretches still waiting to be covered in northwestern Scotland.

The relay is due to finish in Blackpool in September this year, runners having covered the 5000 miles around the coast of Britain. It will be a monumental achievement and will really emphasise the community of runners all over the United Kingdom. Reports from the relay so far have focused on the fantastic enthusiasm and spirit between runners, each well aware that they are part of history in the making.

Runners can track the progress of the relay using the 'Barry Tracker' on the Coasters GB website.


  1. Ernie Bryden said...

    There is now a Coastal relay YouTube group where you can view all the videos so far. For convenience click on my name above for a link to youtube.com/group/coastalrelay