14 May

Dropkick Leaves Lemoncello With Sour Taste

Andrew Lemoncello

What's the worst thing an opponent has done to you during a race? For Andrew Lemoncello the answer is something you would expect to see in a Bruce Lee film. The Fife AC runner found himself on the receiving end of a 'dropkick' on Saturday as he overtook an opponent in the Las Vegas 5K in Nevada.

The 30-year-old, now based in Flagstaff, Arizona, explained on Twitter: "I kid you not, I was drop kicked by the guy in fourth as I passed him. He was disqualified luckily." Before later adding: "Just got back to Flagstaff and my foot is killing me. I never thought I would get injured by being kicked during a race. It's a rough sport!"

Despite the incident, Lemoncello went on to record an impressive time of 14:31 as he took third place at the event. The Scot is hoping to compete at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

It's not the first time a runner has been attacked during a race. Kenyan, Edwin Kipsang Rotich was tackled by a member of the public during the annual Kings Run in Cuiabá, Brazil in January and Brazilian Vanderlei de Lima was pushed to the side of the road four miles from the finish at the 2004 Olympic Marathon in Athens. The fact that Lemoncello's attacker was a fellow competitor is particularly disappointing and hopefully something which won't be repeated.