10 Mar

Drinks Company To Launch Recovery Ale

Recovery ale

Having a beer after a run is seen by many as a guilty pleasure that, though refreshing, ultimately undoes all the good work you just did. But a Canadian beverage company has come up with a low-alcohol, protein-packed ‘fit beer’ that you can drink without worrying about negative side effects.

The ‘recovery ale’ was created by a team of food scientists at Vampt and claims to be a healthy alternative to traditional ales with just 77 calories and 0.5% alcohol by volume. The drink is said to be enriched with nutrients, antioxidants and eleoctrolytes to help replenish the body after a workout.

Ian Toews, founder of Vampt, says: "We just thought that maybe we could do something that would support a drinker, make it still socially fun, and help them accomplish what needs to be accomplished after an aggressive workout."

Ben Desbrow, a nutritionist from Griffith University in south east Queensland, Australia claims that beer as a recovery drink isn’t as crazy as you might think: “A properly formulated beer beverage is likely to do you no more harm than you are likely to get from a sports drink. In fact, it probably is likely to do you more good, because it’s got a lot of these sort of natural compounds, like polyphenols that are actually good for your health.”

Vampt is in the midst of consumer taste tests for its recovery ale in Canada, with the drink scheduled to be released later this year if funding allows. If it comes to the UK, British runners will be hoping it cures all their ale-ments.