24 Nov

I'm Arthur The Running Dog Get Me Out Of Here

Swedish Peak Performance TeamA stray dog in Ecuador has been adopted by the captain of a Swedish Peak Performance Team after joining the athletes as they took part in the 40k trek for the final stages of the Adventure Racing World Championship. Team captain Mikael Lindnord shared a meatball with the dog, Arthur, then a few kilometres into the race realised the dog was following him and his teammates.

There were several times the team had to pull the dog out of the mud, Mikael explains: “At one stage we had to take a break and the dog was totally wrecked. We opened two cans of food and let him eat, because he could find no food at all in the jungle.”

After racing for six days, the team finished the event in 12th place with five members instead of the four they started with.

Mikael has since worked with local authorities and pet experts in Sweden to bring Arthur home with the team, receiving strong support from the public through a Paypal donation site and from their sponsors. After being examined and vaccinated by a vet in Ecuador, Arthur was flown over to Sweden to be reunited with his teammate.


  1. Mandy said...

    What a fantastic story, wish there was move people like this in the world 😄 Happy New Home Arthur.